Fluffy clouds 

There is something about the sky that mesmerises me, I find it fascinating to look at with all it’s different colours, shapes and moods. 

This was taken on my morning walk by the sea, so relaxing, but now I’m at the hospital waiting for my blood tests. 

Day 10 


There’s no place like home

There is nothing like spending time away from home to make one reflect on what they truly have and cherish.

I love my little family so much and missed them terribly and although I had only been away a few days caring for my Mum, the welcome home I received this evening brought me to tears, tears of joy. 

The saying “absence makes the heart grow stronger” is so true.

I am feeling blessed.

Thank you day 6 


I have left the children at home with Daddy for a couple of days whilst I stay with my Mum who had a small procedure on her heart yesterday. 
Mum is doing well and is tucked up in bed whilst I am being reminded of how quiet life is without the little people around, It’s a strange thing being able to hear yourself think, I’ve had a coffee, eaten breakfast, and showered all very peacefully. No tears, tantrums or negotiating required. Dad on the other hand is having a very different experience at home getting out the door, his text up dates are making me chuckle. 

I can’t remember the last time I sat still, sun coming through the window and all I can hear is the clock ticking tocking. Actually the clock is a bit annoying now I’ve noticed it!

On the other hand though I feel rather sick. Since my last blog my health has been rubbish. I came home from holiday with the flu, the holiday itself was the best though. 

We went on forest walks everyday, my eldest rode a pony for the first time, we saw deer from our living room and had a pond at the bottom of the garden with ducks. Squirrels and little birds came to the pateo to eat the oats and fruit the children left out for them. It was idyllic, tranquil and sunny. 

I’ve mentioned in previous posts that I eat a wheat free diet I have done for about 4/5 years since having some allergy tests done, however I’ve noticed that all grains make me feel lousy these days, I’m still exhausted all the time and have been taking my prescribed iron for 90 days now and the sore on my tongue has never healed instead is getting worse so I’ve visited the doctors and am being tested for celiac disease. To have an accurate test means I have to eat gluten with 2 meals a day for 5/6 weeks which is horrendous. I am beyond bloated, I actually look pregnant again, I feel sick, irritable, headache and constipated and have a constant thirst.

I wish there was another way but I’m assured this is the only way, it’s crazy.

I might put myself through this and get a negative result and then go back to my gluten free life anyway and feel better. 

With all the modern medicine available it’s seems bizarre that for people who her gluten intolerant or have celiac disease they literally have to poisen themselves to get a result but in other ways the modern medicine and surgery we have access to is so incredible, I really am grateful to all the nurses and doctors working so hard for all the people around the world who need them, just like my Mum yesterday. 

Day 5 without a drink 

I missed the sun rise today as I enjoyed a lie in instead but I’ll do my yoga practice soon. Something else I am grateful for finding.

Here’s a autumnal pic from a recent walk in my favourite place, the arboretum. 

Bursts of colour & Energy

I am watching the children play in the garden, wishing I had just half of their energy. Where do they get it from, is it an age thing as we all eat the same food! 

I have mentioned before that I am getting a lot more sleep these days and I’m still taking my iron supplement, I’ve got 1 more month on those before I get my bloods tested again, although on days like this I wonder if they are a placebo! 

If it is an age thing I’m going to work really hard at making sure I am at my best as I head towards my 40th year. I want to be fit and fabulous at 40!

I have started to practice yoga daily and have some taken a few photographs of me in poses I struggle with to track my progress, it’s going to be an interesting journey, a journey I hope will energise me, give me strength and focus. 

I am hoping it will help me stop thinking about alcohol too. A whole new focus, something else to obsess over, a healthier obsession. I have been moderating over the summer months and was happy ish with how I was bobbing along but my “me” book where I jot down my food, drink and exercise daily says it’s creeping back in again. I’m still not ready to call any day, day 1. 

We are off on holiday next week, which we are all looking forward to. We don’t get to spend enough time together as a family so a week  in a lodge in a forest is just what we need. We are taking grandma too! 

I thought I would share my Passion  Flower with you, my tiny garden has given me so much pleasure this summer. These flowers are wonderful the way they burst open full of energy & colour then close again, the plant is busy making fruit too. 

Not mine

I really liked this so thought I would share with you.

The most confusing thing about the journey of yoga (and perhaps life) is that all the joy, happiness and freedom that we are searching for out there in the future is actually right here and now. All we need to do is relax the mind enough to experience it as it really is.Kino MacGregor

Oats & lettuce

Yesterday me and my girls visited my Mum who lives near the Kennet and Avon canal in Berkshire which has some very picturesque towns and tranquil spots. Our little adventure took us to the town of Hungerford.

Being near the water we obviously fed the ducks, children love it don’t they and under the bridge in Hungerford there are no swans, which is great for me as having been chased by them in the past I am a little scared of them. Great big flapping, hissing birds. Beautiful creatures but I choose to admire them from a distance now. Ducks shouldn’t eat bread, I think we all know that but having fed them bread, stale or fresh since childhood it’s just what we do isn’t it however there was a lovely man who worked for the waterways nearby who said we should be feeding them oats & lettuce, apparently the ducks go crazy for it and it’s good for them. So next time we head off to visit the ducks I am definitely going to try this.

We took some time to sit up at the lock and I explained to my eldest how it worked and then luckily for us a barge needed to come through so they got to see it in action. I have been on several boating holidays in England and Scotland they are so much fun. I’ve cruised on the Thames, Norfolk Broads and Caledonian Canal, the boats hired for holidays are usually restricted so they can’t speed as the waterways have a slow way about them, 7mph or there abouts.

For the couple who went through on the barge it was their floating home, living a simpler life with few processions, I thought for a while about how peaceful and relaxing it could be living on the canal, slowly moving from one town to the next. Perhaps a lifestyle to consider for later on in life when the children are grown up.

Hungerford Lock was built between 1718 and 1723 and has a rise/fall of 8 ft 0 in or 2.44 mts.