A good start

Day 2

I didn’t as sleep as well as I thought I would last night but I am sure it will settle after a few days. My body had a lot of alcohol during December so I shouldn’t expect instant rewards. 

However this morning ran really smoothly, it was Emily’s first day back to school following the Christmas holidays and the mornings can sometimes get a bit manic but not today. The dinner was cooked by 10:30am, a beautiful smelling Irish Stew, I just hope it tastes as good as it smells when we get to eat it this evening however I replaced the pearl barley with arborio rice which doesn’t have gluten, but not sure if it works as well. 

My partner is doing a dry January again which really helps me as there is no alcohol in the house and I feel supported, which is really important isn’t it. 

Just about to hit the mat, I’m feeling good and hope the rest of the day is just like this.

Oh and I managed all morning without a coffee, perhaps where I spent so much time in December preparing myself for my challenge (normally awake between 2 and 4) it might actually work. 


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