Old news

I’ve just re read my blog from 2nd January 2016′ “the challenge” and I seem to have gone round in a big circle. I did achieve 100 days alcohol free in fact I think I did 130 but since I’ve battled with myself with do drink, don’t drink, dry this and moderate that. It’s early December and I have started to think of how I am going to stop drinking when all the celebrations are over and we enter into a new year.

I’m making up excuses everyday as to why I am not starting now, like, it’s my friends birthday, then I turn 40 next week, then its Christmas and then New Year, why start now eh.

I thought I had been in control of my alcohol consumption until I put the recycling out and in just 6 days I have consumed 2 bottles of wine and a bottle of Manzanilla (sherry) which I bought for Christmas of course. So this is why I feel aggy is it, drinking a little more than I am telling myself. We also went to a friends birthday drinks where I drank 3 large glasses of red, that’s another bottle right there. Sigh

The good thing is I no longer have to eat gluten, I had my last tests done almost a month ago and am grateful that I do not have celiacs disease, but am gluten intolerant so I am feeling much better from eliminating all gluten from my diet now. My face has calmed down, my skin is clearer and my tongue for the first time in more than a year isn’t sore. It still has a red patch but is finally clearing up.

I am back on track with my yoga too, just wish I had more time for it, I’ll do half an hour here or even 15 minutes when I can but unfortunately I always feel a bit rushed, it’s nap time or the dinner is cooking, I never really get time to totally switch off and be with the yoga. I need to find a class locally that I can escape to once a week .That’s a new year promise to myself. 

Written 9/12/16



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