I turned 40 on Thursday and had 4 day celebration with friends and family. I had a huge amount of fun and laughter but consumed a lot of alcohol. 

Yesterday I felt so poorly I thought that was it, my day was suffocated with feelings of anxiety, panic and fear. 

I came home from my party and passed out for about 6 hours waking up with bruised arm from falling down whilst trying to get out of my dress. The state that I came home in was a far cry from the lady that went out. 

Actually I don’t remember getting home, I know that I fell as my Mum was here babysitting and told me the following morning. 

I can’t remember the last time I can’t remember getting home and never want that to happen to me again, I cannot allow that to happen to me again.

I will be doing the 100 day challenge again and will be putting a new spin on it for me, 100 days sober, 100 days of yoga. I’m hoping that adding the yoga aspect of it may help me to keep going this time. New mind and body for 2017. 

I received a fabulous new yoga mat for my birthday so need to move my body, strengthen my will and mind and be happy forever after.

My beautiful hair for my birthday celebrations. 


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