Happiness starts in the gut

Today starts the final week of having to eat gluten, I have been eating gluten every day for the last 5 weeks to achieve an accurate test result for Celiacs disease.

 You may remember from previous blogs that I had stopped eating wheat about 5 years ago following some tests but not gluten, so I continued to eat rye and barley but in the main rye crackers and breads. 

This year I have have suffered with fatigue and a sore tongue which prompted the doctors to start investigating the cause. 

It’s been really tough, I’ve had some very unpleasant symptoms including  a foggy head, feeling cold, nausea, bloating, headaches and anger/irritability which I’ve called it gluten rage. My partner noticed a big change in my personality after just a few days of my gluten affair.

I have wondered on many occasions why did I start this process, why continue when I feel so dreadful. At the start of week 4 I really didn’t know what to do but the doctor asked if I could just bare it for 2 more weeks so we can get a better idea if what is happening.

So there we are, I am still uncomfortable, nothing much has changed since my last blog. 

This week I have managed to pick myself up a bit, perhaps knowing that the end is near is helping. I have neglected my yoga, my diet, my health and my sobriety. 

My gut isn’t happy and neither am I. 

My pumpkin did make some yummy soup though, little things. 


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