Bursts of colour & Energy

I am watching the children play in the garden, wishing I had just half of their energy. Where do they get it from, is it an age thing as we all eat the same food! 

I have mentioned before that I am getting a lot more sleep these days and I’m still taking my iron supplement, I’ve got 1 more month on those before I get my bloods tested again, although on days like this I wonder if they are a placebo! 

If it is an age thing I’m going to work really hard at making sure I am at my best as I head towards my 40th year. I want to be fit and fabulous at 40!

I have started to practice yoga daily and have some taken a few photographs of me in poses I struggle with to track my progress, it’s going to be an interesting journey, a journey I hope will energise me, give me strength and focus. 

I am hoping it will help me stop thinking about alcohol too. A whole new focus, something else to obsess over, a healthier obsession. I have been moderating over the summer months and was happy ish with how I was bobbing along but my “me” book where I jot down my food, drink and exercise daily says it’s creeping back in again. I’m still not ready to call any day, day 1. 

We are off on holiday next week, which we are all looking forward to. We don’t get to spend enough time together as a family so a week  in a lodge in a forest is just what we need. We are taking grandma too! 

I thought I would share my Passion  Flower with you, my tiny garden has given me so much pleasure this summer. These flowers are wonderful the way they burst open full of energy & colour then close again, the plant is busy making fruit too. 


Not mine

I really liked this so thought I would share with you.

The most confusing thing about the journey of yoga (and perhaps life) is that all the joy, happiness and freedom that we are searching for out there in the future is actually right here and now. All we need to do is relax the mind enough to experience it as it really is.Kino MacGregor