I love bees in the garden and I love honey x



Oats & lettuce

Yesterday me and my girls visited my Mum who lives near the Kennet and Avon canal in Berkshire which has some very picturesque towns and tranquil spots. Our little adventure took us to the town of Hungerford.

Being near the water we obviously fed the ducks, children love it don’t they and under the bridge in Hungerford there are no swans, which is great for me as having been chased by them in the past I am a little scared of them. Great big flapping, hissing birds. Beautiful creatures but I choose to admire them from a distance now. Ducks shouldn’t eat bread, I think we all know that but having fed them bread, stale or fresh since childhood it’s just what we do isn’t it however there was a lovely man who worked for the waterways nearby who said we should be feeding them oats & lettuce, apparently the ducks go crazy for it and it’s good for them. So next time we head off to visit the ducks I am definitely going to try this.

We took some time to sit up at the lock and I explained to my eldest how it worked and then luckily for us a barge needed to come through so they got to see it in action. I have been on several boating holidays in England and Scotland they are so much fun. I’ve cruised on the Thames, Norfolk Broads and Caledonian Canal, the boats hired for holidays are usually restricted so they can’t speed as the waterways have a slow way about them, 7mph or there abouts.

For the couple who went through on the barge it was their floating home, living a simpler life with few processions, I thought for a while about how peaceful and relaxing it could be living on the canal, slowly moving from one town to the next. Perhaps a lifestyle to consider for later on in life when the children are grown up.

Hungerford Lock was built between 1718 and 1723 and has a rise/fall of 8 ft 0 in or 2.44 mts.



Sun is up

The beautiful yellow roses in my garden make me smile, they fill me with happiness and joy as do most flowers but especially roses and peonies. I planted some peonies from seed about 2 years ago but still have some time to wait before I’ll get to see them flower.

My yoga class is what I look forward to all week, I never thought I would enjoy it so much, perhaps staying in for the best part of 16 months has something to do with it however I can feel the shift in energy when I’m there and feel fabulous after. I’m really working on the poses just now, and the breath will come naturally soon. Last week I did the headstand, yikes, how did that happen. I have good core strength, strong legs and great balance but I’m not flexible at all, my  shoulders and back are so stiff and rounded they will need a lot of work.

Recently I’ve been enjoying the sun by day and Peaky Blinders by night, how did I miss this show, it’s so good. I’m hooked and grateful we have Netflix so I can just watch them back to back.

Ran out of peppermint tea so been sipping on grated ginger, lemon juice and cider vinegar mixed with hot water. Zingy

Also my eye has been twitching for 3 weeks now, really annoying, why won’t it stop.











Life is getting a little easier now that my youngest isn’t so dependant on me and is happy to for Daddy to put her to bed and settle her, I was starting to wonder if this would ever happen.

So keeping in line with my promise to myself to self love and for new beginnings I have started Ashtanga Yoga on a Friday night. The class is a little advanced for me to be honest but I throughly enjoyed it and will be going again this week. I managed half of the class and then probably a quarter doing half the stretch/pose and the other quarter resting in childs pose or watching in amazement at what is possible to achieve. Some of the positions were just incredible, I felt like a child again, feeling inspired and thinking “I’m going to do that”.

My body did ache a little, “all over” actually which is a good thing and the class left me thinking I would like to take some time to read about the history and practice of yoga, it’s a powerful thing both mentally and physically and I’m looking forward to learning more.

My ankle is also feeling much stronger, some may remember I fell down the stairs last October (hungover) and damaged the ligaments which was so frustrating as I had only just got back into running and had to put it all back on hold again until now, so 10 months on I am feeling confident enough to try again. I will do a 20 min jog tomorrow to see how the ankle copes.

Things are about to get energised round here.

I also picked up a great new cook book, ready steady glow by Madelaine Shaw, no wheat or sugar which is great as I don’t need to modify or skip any of the recipes, so I can just get stuck in, I tend to get stuck in a rut with what we eat and need to shake it up every now again with some new ideas and this book defiantly has some great ingredients and inspiration.




Pink (but how do I feel this good sober)?

This morning we headed off early to visit my Mum who isn’t too well at the moment, me and the girls go every week and we always have a lovely day and Mum gets so much pleasure from her grand children.

To my shame Pink, Sober came on the radio, really random, it’s about 8 years old and it was shouting at me ” you failed last night” I won’t lie to you I didn’t quite manage it. I had a glass of wine with dinner. A bit pointless really but it happened. I drove last night in a pursuit to keep me out of trouble and we picked up friends too knowing it would stop me getting involved in the mayhem and to a certain extent it did.

I’m not going to dwell on it, it’s done, move on, move on and eat cake and be kind to myself.

Yesterdays baking was a success, mother in law who was baby sitting last night had 2 slices and my mum enjoyed it today. I’m terrible when there are sweet treats in the house though, every time I go in the kitchen I have another nibble, luckily this is a healthy little number filled with vegetables, fruit and almonds. You see it’s not just wine I had no self control over hence I had to give up the sugar too!

It’s a 12 hour day from setting off and returning home when we go to Mums as she isn’t local and it’s pretty exhausting however I managed to make the time for a peppermint tea and some yoga before bed, 15 minutes of peace and ommmmm is better than non.

Time to bake

This morning I have decided to bake, I had a dreadful night sleep, waking this morning in my youngest cot bed, it was the only way to settle her, luckily I am only 5ft 2 but still felt crumpled and stiff climbing out to face the day. That’s why I am baking, sweet treats needed.

I haven’t made this cake before and it’s not my recipe so I am hoping its turns out well as it has great ingredients so fingers crossed. My girls love my baking although it’s not often I do, once a month maybe. All my bakes are gluten and sugar free and normally full of fruit and veg and they non the wiser. Today’s offering has courgettes, carrots and apples.

I am visiting Mum tomorrow so I’ll take her a chunk to enjoy with a cuppa. Actually going back to my girls, for their birthdays I baked one of my everything free cakes and they preferred it to the beautifully iced girly cakes I bought from the shop. Win win.

Having disturbed nights like last night make me so glad I didn’t drink, leaving me to be super mum and not some grump with a headache.

I hope I can make it through tonight’s dinner.

Have a good day folks, hope some of you have the sun today as it sure ain’t here.

New beginnings and self love

Today, the start of a new month has got me thinking about new beginnings & opportunities.

July was very up and down with the alcohol having invitations to bbq’s and choosing to sit in our garden in the evening with a large glass of something. Non of which satisfied me, I was always left wanting more, battling with the yes, no, oh go on then, or having to decide who’s turn it was to drive. It was always a such a beautiful story in my head which ended in me being left thirsty with a headache and watching the clock slowly tick round in the early hours as I couldn’t sleep, more nightmare than the fairy tale I imagined.

So new beginnings and self love, remember.

I have 2 social events this week, both boozy occasions and the first is a dinner with friends tomorrow night.

We have a baby sitter so we can go out as a couple which is rare and the evening is to say goodbye to a friend who lives in Thailand, this was his first trip home in 3 years and it has gone in a flash so we are dining and drinking.

Drink will be the main course for most folk who are out however I am thinking of abstaining completely. I’m not sure how it will go down but I’m thinking people will be so caught up in their own affairs and how much they can consume no one will notice or question me. A fizzy water with ice and a slice looks like a G & T right!

The second outing is a smaller affair with just 3 friends, all of us mums, the last time we all got together was last October when I had the pox, I just didn’t know it yet, boy did I feel dreadful that day. Anyway this would be a less boozy rendezvous but boozy non the less for me. I won’t need to pretend or make any excuses on this evening though as my girl friends just ain’t bothered if I drink or not. Easy……

I feel like I can do this, I feel like my positivity for a life without alcohol has returned, new month, new me, NO rose.

Tonight’s drink was a Turmeric Milk, its been so wet and cold today and I have been drenched twice, so this warm drink perked me up. It’s really delicious and simple to make with the spices offering antioxidants and anti inflammatory properties, try it.

250ml almond milk
1/2 tsp ground turmeric
1/4 tsp ground cinnamon
1tsp honey
Pinch of salt

Mix together in a pan to warm, pour it into a mug and get cosy.

Day 3