Fewer decisions


” fewer decisions mean more self control muscle for the important things”

I’ve been re reading an old book of mine about good lifestyle approaches. I do this every so often just to remind myself why I do the things I do, eat the way I do, exercise and why I continue to work hard at avoiding alcohol. I often pick up something new to try too which is great as I like a craze and sometimes, not often but sometimes something sticks.

The part I was reading was about exercise and how we should make it part of our everyday routine, even if it’s just 20 mins as when we tell ourselves we will exercise for 3 days a week something weird happens and we end up deliberating whether that will be the day we will bother, so true. I personally find it difficult to make time to exercise with 2 young children and a job but I do find 20 minutes each evening to do some yoga. It’s now a lifestyle not a decision I have to make on a daily basis which means less noise in my head.

Anyway the point was about making that lifestyle choice for “everyday” so there is no arguing with yourself about whether today was a good day to eat well, exercise or drink alcohol.

By introducing alcohol back into my life after my 100 day challenge I invited the decision making back, the part that needs real self control but so far have been lucky enough to enjoy a few drinks, mainly on a Sunday evening I’ll have a glass of wine with my dinner. It’s like a cheers to the end of a long week and ready to jump into the next one.

So now 6/7 days a week I am completely sober which is a far cry from the old me who would drink 2 or 3 drinks for 6/7 days a week. Somehow I am managing to crowd out the noise of wanting to drink with other activities. So even though I am not counting days anymore I am still mindful everyday about what I am doing. I still have to avoid the wine aisle in the supermarket or I find myself picking up one of those individual bottles of wine during my shop, thinking what’s the harm but finding the strength and sensibility to take it out of my trolley before I get to the check out.

Fewer decisions makes for a simpler calmer day.



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